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Hire us for masonry restoration services in Poland, ME

Some older homes have beautiful stone chimneys that make the properties look enchanting. If your chimney is showing its age, contact Stonescape Maine in Poland, ME for masonry restoration services. We'll restore the charm of your old home.

To learn more about our chimney mortar repair services, contact us today. You can also hire us to repair your lake wall.

Learn more about our thorough restoration process

When you hire us for masonry restoration services, we'll use traditional masonry tools, such as trowels, chisels and hammers for precise repair work. You'll also appreciate that we source high-quality mortar mix and stone to match your existing structure.

Once we have the necessary tools and materials, we'll get right to work. Expect us to:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your stone structure to determine the extent of the damage
  • Remove dirt, dust and grime from the surface using safe but effective cleaning methods
  • Repair cracks and chips using traditional repair techniques, such as repointing and patching
  • Apply a durable sealant to protect the restored stone surface against future deterioration

If your stone structure is past repair, we can tear it down without damaging your home.

Call 207-754-2969 now to learn more about our chimney mortar repair and replacement services.